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Stefan Dimitriadis

Stefan Dimitriadis

Assistant Professor, Strategic Management 

Rotman School of Management

University of Toronto


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Dimitriadis, S. & Koning, R. 2024. “Networking Frictions and Entrepreneurial Learning in Developing Economies” Management Science.

Dimitriadis, S. 2024. “Bribery, Insecurity, and Firm Performance: Evidence from the Boko Haram Insurgency in NigeriaStrategic Management Journal.

Dimitriadis, S. & Koning, R. 2022. “Social Skills Improve Business Performance: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial with Entrepreneurs in TogoManagement Science 68(12): 8635-8657.

Dimitriadis, S. 2021. “Social Capital and Entrepreneur Resilience: Entrepreneur Performance during Violent Protests in TogoStrategic Management Journal 42(11): 1993-2019.


Dimitriadis, S., Lee, M., Ramarajan, L., Battilana, J. 2017. “Blurring the Boundaries: The Interplay of Gender and Local Communities in the Commercialization of Social VenturesOrganization Science 28(5): 819-839.

Sengul, M. & Dimitriadis, S. 2015. “Multimarket Competition: Research PrimerJournal of Organization Design 4(5): 18-30.

Research in progress

Dimitriadis, S. "Kin Business Practices: A Randomized Control Trial in Togo"

Dimitriadis, S. "Transparency and Mission Drift: Evidence from the Performance of International Aid Projects"

Eaglin, C. & Dimitriadis, S. "Patterns of Firm Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa"


Corporation 360, rsm2019, MBA & Rotman Commerce

Strategic Management, rsm392, Rotman Commerce

Strategy and Organizations, rsm3002, PhD Strategy

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