I am a PhD Candidate in Organizational Behavior (Sociology track) at Harvard Business School.

I am interested in the factors that enable businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed in institutionally challenging environments. In my dissertation, I leverage a combination of field experiments, longitudinal surveys, big data, and interviews to study how businesses in developing markets create new relationships in spite of the institutional barriers. To explore this issue, I designed and ran a field experiment in the West African country of Togo to help catalyze the formation of new business relationships among entrepreneurs. The intervention focused on framing initial interactions between entrepreneurs around cooperation, which not only led entrepreneurs to form more new business relationships but also increased their profits. This research has received the Kauffman Foundation Dissertation Award, the Strategic Management Society SRF Dissertation Scholarship, and is a finalist in the INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Proposal Competition.

Before joining the doctoral program at Harvard Business School, I worked as a research associate for Professor Julie Battilana. Earlier on, I graduated from Oxford University with an M.Phil. in economics and prior to that I received a B.A. in economics and international development from McGill University.