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Working papers

Dimitriadis, S. “Organizational growth, financialization, and environmental shocks: Nonprofit organizations and the Great Recession.” (Manuscript under review)


Dimitriadis, S. “Reciprocity framing and the formation of social capital in brokering spaces: A field experiment with entrepreneurs in Togo.” (Job market paper)

  • Strategic Management Society Best PhD Paper Prize (finalist)


Dimitriadis, S. “Institutional foundations of social networks: How institutional participation creates entrepreneurial social networks.” (Working paper)


Dimitriadis, S. “Managing Chaos: The stabilizing role of entrepreneurs’ social networks during political protests.” (data analysis in progress)


Dimitriadis, S. & Lee, M. “Non-profit entrepreneurship, commercialization, and community social capital: How community churn increases the efficiency of organizations” (data analysis in progress)